September 19th - 25th

You find yourself at a spiritual crossroads, unsure what path to choose. Make time for introspection and meditation as you move ahead. Health should be a priority now. Don't delay on making needed appointment and be cautious in order to avoid being a victim of an accident or theft. Now is a time to seek out family, especially elders with wisdom to share. Be part of a larger social group may hold limited appeal. Rest and quietude are in order so you can confidently move forward.

You are in the process of major transformation, and your determination is at its best to give your all for what you want in life. These changes in life style have made impact on your perspective, outlook and attitude on life. Therefore this in turn has affected your vision of life, whether personal or professional.

It is time to take these changes in your favor and experience joys at these new encounters life have thrown your way. At such times you might find yourself depending on your closest friends to feel their presence and pleasantly find them rely on you as well. You might get confused by the sudden change and find that you have lost your footing but only because you have been concentrated in your life goals and aspirations and lost track of the outside world. An introspection will help in rediscovering what you may have lost along the way and might find the general support of closed ones to relay on.”Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”“

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