career - August 8th - 14th

Effective communication is imperative this week. Marketing plans or sales meeting may be trying your nerves now but will prove useful in the long run. This is a phase in which your executive authority and managerial skills truly shine. Higher ups note these talents in you and offer rewards and recognition. A deal with a large corporation or governmental agency could be in the works. On the domestic front, make repairs or purchases to deal with essential home requirements. Waiting could cost you more in the long run.

Now is the time to expand your horizons. You will soon become a new, better version of yourself, enjoying some excitement new element of your existence. Extend a helping hand to those in need. Prepare to make a big decision and stick to it. Your determination is one of your best assets. Work to maintain relationships, both personal and professional. Renew a relationships that has long been in need of attention. Use your ample interpersonal skills to connect as best you can with those around you. You are on the road to meaningful self improvement.

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