August 1st - 7th

You have been making progress at work recently, trying to acquire new skills and implement them well. The good news is that these efforts have been noted and appreciated. Enjoy the rewards you are now offered, in the form of a raise, promotion or bonus. Others may be envious, especially those in competition with you who do not wish you well. The best course of action is to simply continue to plug away at your daily routine. Keep in mind all those that are dependent on you and be cautious in your decision making.

Your mind is bright, alert and active this week.You have the ability to come up with unusual and inventive projects. Sharing your ideas with others is a prime interest. You are adept in conversations, ready to listen and articulate in presenting your suggestions. Others appreciate your ability to be down to earth and empathetic. Personal happiness and long term goals are on your mind. Reach out to others and freely offer your warmth and friendship. At the same time, reach within yourself, searching for the real you, shorn of all pretense and artifice.

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