June 20th - 26th

Take a break from your worries about money or legal matters and plan a get away. A short trip or a longer journey, perhaps abroad, would allow you a chance of scenery and the opportunity to envelope yourself in new spiritual insights. Pay attention to your health now, especially your diet and food choices. An interest in research may lead you to enroll in higher ed or just a course to brush up on some skills or acquire new ones. Some career transformation may soon occur. Prepare for it simply by continuing to work hard and have a positive outlook.

You are focused on emotional interactions now. Passion, sex and intimacy are on your mind and in your heart. Personal relationship take center stage. You may be leaving friends or loved ones behind but a recent windfall of cash will make some new fun possible. You want to enjoy life to the fullest. Entertaining and bonding, with friends or in romantic interludes, will require some money but will satisfy your itch. Be around those who understand you and make you feel truly alive.

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