July 19th - 25th

Face relationship problems head on. Talk through a difference of opinions and remain diplomatic. Evaluate what can be done to make amends and be ready to walk away if needed. Travel is a possibility now and would allow you the chance to research some new spiritual paths of interest to you. A father or father figure may need or other assistance. At work, you've been under scrutiny for some time and now you will receive the positive feedback you've been hoping for. Savor your reward, be it a raise, promotion or just the glory of a job truly well done.

Calm and self control bring untold benefits, both to you and your family environment. You will have some superb flashes of brilliance and intuition. In certain respects, it will seem that you just can't do any wrong. The impact of these successes is deeply felt in both your family life and personal relationships. Travel and technology are all favored now. Those in media related professions will do well, as will writers and scholars. To accomplish great things, you must not only act but also dream. Plan and believe.

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