June 7th - 13th

A recent setback or sorrow has dealt a blow to your sense of self worth. Try some little changes to bolster your ego, perhaps a new hair style or an updated wardrobe. Make health and well-being a priority now. Make appointments to address any health concerns on your mind. A sudden windfall of cash could be headed your way. Use it wisely, paying off debts or saving for a rainy day. Avoid vices and instead savor some simple pleasures with friends and family. This is an ideal moment for a new beginning, to leave behind part of your personal history that is distressing you and move ahead in a positive direction.

This is the time for you to rejuvenate from your older self. You need some time to reassess old yet necessary issues that have taken root in your mind. A past loss or death, whether it is in figurative manner or in literal sense have affected you out look therefore you need a fresh perspective of the experience that you loss over time.

Restore the old power in a new context and attitude. Regain the thing of value, emotion or an idea that you may have surrendered in a moment of weakness. The optimistic outlook gained from additional financial support and the sadness over loved ones leaving behind may cause contrasting emotion in you. Try extending some effort in exploring new opportunities and going beyond your usual schedule, and some unexpected yet pleasant paths might open for you. Your zest for life is truly appreciable, therefore laughing and living to the maximum is a best thing for you.

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