May 3rd - 9th

Seizing an opportunitiy now may mean letting go of something else. It is time to make an important decision, perhaps even one about a relationship. Marriage may be in the cards if you are not already committed. Make time for self assessment now and get in touch with your own inner strengths and areas for personal growth. A new look or style may be in order now. Though you may be drawn into meetings and formal proceedings, make sure to save time for close companions now. Schedule some alone time with someone special.

You are listening to your instinct now. Your sense of perception allows you to pick up clues from those around you. This week seems most favorable for financial planning or new strategies. Your perceptiveness will serve you well in controversial matters, including intimate conversations. Money matters are essential now, as you are interested in spending some quality recreation time with friends. Look at the areas that are problems for you. Chances are these are areas that could benefit from some extra support.

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