career - February 2024

Scorpio, brace yourself as change is on the horizon, potentially ushering in a new era in your professional life due to recent events - good or bad - that may transform your interaction with colleagues and coworkers. Changes to your health and diet are imminent, causing profound impact, for better or worse, with echoes strongly resonating through this period. Expect mental strains and financial adversity, a thorny path laden with stress, overdue payments, and begrudged benefits, stirring a soup of hostility among those involved. Ensure your obligations are paid promptly, thus securing timely reciprocation for your services. Emit positivity, minimising difficulties for others as this nurtures goodwill that could eventually ease your journey, albeit modestly. Regardless, ensure not to amplify hardships for your dependents or peers needlessly. This current phase offers a unique chance to sever what is not serving you, liberating space to harvest what truly matters. As you purge the unfavorable elements, the essence of what is good shines more brightly under the spotlight. Use this process of elimination to distinguish who among your connections can extend more than mere courtesy, aiding your pursuit of perfection. Efficiency is your companion in this phase. Navigate your undertakings wisely as you brace for change, embracing the opportunity to reinvent your current reality.

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