career - September 2023

Scorpio, get ready for a truly transformative period in your life, where everything will be elevated, improved, and enriched. Your hard work and selflessness will finally be recognized and rewarded, bringing you prestige, power, and even some authority. Embrace this generous time and allow yourself to be indulged by your peers, including attending a business dinner with your boss. Your practical vision is stronger than ever, and you have a realistic understanding of what results you can achieve. Others have noticed your efficiency and productivity, resulting in increased interaction with your authority figures. Don't worry, as this is likely to bring praise and recognition for your outstanding performance. However, along with recognition may come added responsibility. While it's understandable to prefer some respite from demands, remember that if you want to progress further in life, you must be willing to give more of yourself. Things are going so well that you may feel overwhelmed by the sudden flurry of activity around you. Trust your instincts, follow your heart, and know that this month you will be more visible than ever before. Embrace the small compliments and capitalize on the greater ones, fearlessly taking what you deserve and desire. This is your time to shine, Scorpio.

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