Thursday, June 23rd

You may be struggling with a set back, perhaps at work. Look to a teacher or mentor for guidance. Take time to attend to your health. Don't keep your worries a secret or engage in risky behaviors. Fresh opportunities are just around the bend. You're embarking on new goals, supported by colleagues and superiors with a vested stake in your success. Amazing rewards may have already begun coming your way. This monthly phase will lead you down a path of revolutionary change and catapult you to center stage. Don't let greed get in your way and keep your sights firmly fixed on your target.

It can seem too easy to simply push your way through, but right now you'll find that can be a losing strategy. The more you shove, the more resistance you get. It's not paranoia, but it's not really a plot, either. Just back off and the whole problem vanishes. Take another route.

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