Horoscope 2021

Have courage as you take a chance on a new opportunity in 2021 because things will go your way, but you need to believe in your own aspirations and ability. You are a creative person, and whether anybody cares to listen or not, just keep creating and writing your ideas down, let your artistic side show and soon you will have your moment in the spotlight. Don't stop supporting those around you because they will keep coming, and even if they abuse your advice, be as generous as you can be, but don't mortgage your future.

Stick to your ambitions and look to the opportunities ahead, luck is on your side and you need to be ready for action even outside your comfort zone but that doesn't mean that you should make any hasty decisions. Whatever is decided now cannot easily be undone. So, if you are feeling unsure, talk things over with someone you truly trust, and if this person is your partner, bear in mind that your partner's family may be going through a time of crisis. Offer as much assistance as you are able but draw reasonable boundaries to keep from getting caught up in excess negativity.

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