career - September 25th - October 1st

Sagittarius, this week your focus shifts to your finances. It’s time to work diligently to pay off debts and establish a healthy balance between your spending and earning. Before making any big purchase, thoroughly explore all options and discuss it with your partner or close companions. Unfortunately, a travel plan may face delays or even cancellation due to distress impacting a mentor or boss. During this time, extend your helping hand to a relative or colleague who may need your assistance. You might be feeling weighed down, unable to reach your usual level of productivity, as something serious is occupying your mind. Seek out good advice, as it may hold the answers you are searching for. It’s important to prepare for any impending loss and seize opportunities wisely - doing nothing would be a mistake. Take care of yourself and prioritize your relationships. Resolve any conflicts and remove delays in both your professional and personal life. Embrace the challenge of competition and ensure you come out on top.

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