career - March 13th - 19th

Work to avoid getting caught up in gossip and disputes this week. Construction and repair issues take up a lot of your time and energy. A recent injury or accident of a relative or loved one may necessitate the purchasing of a vehicle or dwelling space. Be attentive to all those who depend on you. Work assignments may prompt you to study up and brush up on some existing skills or acquire new ones. Make sound decisions and staying out of the fray are the best ways to safeguard your reputation now.

Take advantage of this period of heightened concentration. Solitude may be required for you to work through your thoughts. Confide in a loved one about the matters that are on your mind. Open up with friends and relieve some stress by voicing your worries. Try to relieve some of the pressures a relative is going through, as you are well acquainted with their stressors. What you give now is what you get later so offer help freely. You may be busy but you will feel fulfilled.

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