September 19th - 25th

A recent favorable work evaluation leads to financial gains. Use this additional income wisely, perhaps devoting some of those earnings towards a token of love for someone special. You are full of charisma now and others are drawn to you. Move outside your usual social circle and try out a new club or group. Network with friends, old and new. Be careful about your valued material belongings in order to avoid being a victim of theft or loss. Make time for family and enjoy some simple pleasures together.

You may think you like the exposure and the attention that your life is getting right now, however soon you may realize that you might have turned into a puppet with your strings handled by someone else. You might want to protect yourself against judgments and project an image that is not naturally you but what other expects from you. To gain a favorable position with public you have to resolve the difference of opinions over your status.

There might be a few obstacles in your way and you may fight taking a few tumbles, but they will give away to clearer roads. As you go along your path you may discover things that will make you realize that you haven’t thought of the bigger picture yet. The pressures of conformity might take you by storm and feel oppressive and suffocating, however time and experience will teach you to handle them expertly. At the end of it you may come out as a fighter and realize your own strength which might just boost up your zest for life. “You need to make a conscious choice every day to be happy and move forward.”

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