January 10th - 16th

Creative expression comes naturally to you now. Voice your ideas or share your thoughts to amuse others. Avoid gambling now as it would lead to an unnecessary monetary loss. It may be time to walk away from a relationship that is no longer working. Trust your gut. Intuition will lead you down the right path. Conflicts at work may be a source of stress. Meditation or a spiritual path would offer some relief from anxiety. New opportunities are headed your way. Keep working hard and save time for romance and quality moments with family.

This is an ideal time to absorb information from your environment and the people in it. If you are feeling distracted, let yourself branch out some. Break away from a humdrum routine. Your mind is especially inquisitive during this cycle. Learning, short trip and communication all appeal to you now. Multi-tasking may be required. Talking or writing can help alleviate any stress this time brings. Whatever form it takes, reaching out will be crucial. It will help not only within your personal interactions but also your finances and professional life.

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