June 7th - 13th

An important decision is necessary right now, perhaps one related to your physical or emotional health. Some weighty matter needs to be resolved. Avoid destructive ways of dealing with stress and instead turn to spiritual insights or guidance offered by elders. A recent purchase may result in you worrying over money. Try a change of scenery to improve your mood. Time alone may be in order now. First, have a needed heart to heart with your spouse or signficant other. Dwell less on the past and give more thought on your path forward.

This is the time to rediscover yourself and exploring a new side of you by declaring to others the deep parts of you that you have kept hidden away for so long. Experimenting with new ways to communicate better and finding new opportunities in which you can get a fresh stand point of what others think about you and you, yourself. These new insights into your personality may cause some complicated strains in relations with close ones. You may break bonds or end up making them even strong; there is no definite outcome of this dynamic.

This week may bring into variety of emotion in you and others around you ranging from love, jealousy, competitiveness, enmity or even hate. Have patience and find chances to explain yourself calmly without too much insistence on the past. Showing your caring side may even prevent heartbreak or separation that may seem inevitable. “And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”

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