May 3rd - 9th

Worries over challenges, conflicts involving an enemy or competition may be keeping you up. Continue your devoted efforts in the workplace and stick with your routine. Make time to also attend to your emotional and spiritual needs. A recharge may be in order. You will find answers in certain visions, dreams as well as your own feelings. Medical appointments, unwanted expenses or legal affairs may be necessary now as well. Avoid vices or irresponsible decision making. Stay the course and look for peace of mind wherever you can. Change is inevitable and should be viewed as an opportunity for growth.

You are weighing the pros and cons of every situation now. You are feeling enthusiastic and ready to cooperate and communicate one on one with others. As you intend to oppose others’ views, you will end-up in an indecisive situation. Personal connections will bring clarity of thought for you.You have a strong desire to share your personal history with someone with whom you feel comfortable. This is a favorable time for PR related activities like arbitration, customer support or counseling. Using the right words in conversation would lead to a favorable impact. Diplomacy and team efforts matter most right now.

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