career - June 2023

Sagittarius, it's time to put your financial prowess to the test once again. You will find yourself dealing with legacies and trusts involving people in your inner circle. This is also a good time to grant or seek a small loan. While managing money comes naturally to you, your health may need some attention. Do not neglect those nagging health issues any longer; schedule a doctor's appointment and make full use of your company insurance. This phase may see certain pending matters coming to a conclusion, possibly even through a death. Mixed emotions of both sorrow and relief may overwhelm you due to a legacy. Take note of the people in your life and don't hesitate to administer life-saving techniques if needed. Exploring the secrets of life is in your nature, and now, more than ever, you are willing to delve into introspection. You may find a hidden personal strength or talent that could propel you to new heights. Focus on putting in your best performance at work to get the recognition you deserve. This is a time of personal growth and development, so use it wisely, Sagittarius.

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