career - May 2023

Sagittarius, this is the month to expand your horizons and make moves towards your biggest goals. You are not content with merely reaching for the sky, but want to widen the vistas of your existence. Fortunately, people around you at work will be drawn to your all-encompassing attitude, and will be cooperative regardless of their own agendas. Reach out to others through various means of communication, as your friendly hand will be met in kind and can lead to valuable connections. Focus on your career goals and take the steps necessary to get where you want to be. This month will be busy with meetings, gatherings, and parties, so make sure to show up and mingle with those in your field. Your energy for making contact with others is high now, so take advantage of it to plant seeds for future consideration. Don't disregard offers of assistance without considering their potential value to you down the line. Pursue your dreams and use the people around you to help you get there - this is the time for reaching out, making connections, and striving towards your ultimate goals.

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