September 2022

Recognition, rewards, greater power and prestige, even your assets, property, belongings are enhanced greatly. The time is being truly generous, and you deserve it. Your vision is practical right now, and you want to see tangible results for your efforts. More contact with authority figures is likely during this period. Recognition is likely to come your way whether you ask for it or not, and the responsibility that comes right along with it! Do what you feel is right, keeping in mind that you are at your most visible during this month in the year.

Watch that you don't overrate your caliber/capabilities now. The yearning to experience something new, liberty to walk around new possibilities, can lead to restlessness if you don't know what it is you want. Over-optimism can lead to losses or waste. Larger than life attitude could take hold now, but ‘right and optimum’ should be considered first. There can be a tendency to go overboard and to indulge in extravagances.

Your responsibility and authority are likable qualities now, making this an encouraging period overall for schmoozing with those in a higher position than you, as well as for negotiations or social activities related to business. You are most charismatic and well-received on the job. You are socially go-getting right now, and success may come though your good managerial qualities or some form of artistic talent, or, indirectly through your spouse. People who turn your head are those who come across as especially competent.

Relationships are bubbly and vibrant. Partnerships may go through ego conflicts, or adversaries may be demanding. Try to work cooperatively on relationship problems, as that’s the need of the hour. When a difference arises, you are quick to resolve it, and have little tolerance for minor issues. You may become very critical of your partners/relationships, enough to stir antagonism rather than the forming of a harmonious association and the two of you could become immediate enemies. Try to accept the differences that you see between your ideal and the reality.

All the positive developments that have been taking place for you emotionally, and every other way, now firmly become a trend for the next few weeks. Your mood and mindset, are therefore, more calm and more confident as a result of your growing self-belief. Doubts and despair are a thing of past, obstacles and disappointments are not allowed to get you down.

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