love - Horoscope 2022

Welcome to the year 2022 Pisces! This year, you will have different experiences in your love life according to the movements of the planets in your horoscope. Are you ready? All that you have experienced in the previous year has prepared you for where you are now, so take note of these predictions and you will have an amazing year.

Single and looking for love? you find this year that you first need to let go of ego. Some of that means forgiving yourself for perceived imperfections. Stop looking so much at what you see as wrong with yourself and you will be able to aptly see what is beautiful to others, especially someone special.

There is an opportunity for a new relationship before you, if you are currently uncommitted. If already in a relationship, it may be time to commit to growth. Define what you both want and move to a new level in your partnership. Sharing beliefs and spiritual outlooks could be a source of profound bonding. Indulge in some items that make you feel ready to be seen.

It is time to get some space for yourself. You may be feeling somewhat smothered in your current relationship. Demanding some space for yourself is a fair call. Just make sure that you are honest with the people in your life as to why you are taking a break.Your romantic relationship is really at a crossroads and you need to decide if it is working for you. Which way do you want to go: Talk or walk away? Take time to reflect. Maybe you need to enlist a therapist or someone smart and objective in your life to give you perspective.

Engage in some charity work. Make some connections beyond your current social circle and neighborhood. A change of pace would be great for you and for the health of your relationships.

You are seeking a new direction for your passions. You feel ready to travel, to make a bold move towards something new, do it. Your courage is admirable and inspiring to those around you. Your communication skills earn rapt attention. Write, call or text someone you trust and respect and present the scope of your vision, ask for their feedback and be sincere in implementing it.

Transformation is possible in many forms, in love and romance as well as in your career. You would cross paths with someone truly life changing. You are able to resolve a conflict that has been unaddressed for far too long. Settling things with your sweetheart brings you peace of mind.

This year the transiting North Node in your Solar 10th house makes it a good year on the professional front, but a bit dull on the emotional and sentimental front. But be confident and celebrate your loved ones.

Everything will be fine as long as you invest time in your relationships.

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