April 1st - 7th

This month, Pisces, your intuition is your guiding light, leading you to success in both your personal and professional life. Trust your gut instincts as you navigate through creative projects, but remember to reinforce your ideas with thorough research. While work may be causing some uneasiness, unexpected income or an inheritance will bring you peace of mind. Avoid risky ventures and gambling, opting instead for quality time with family, especially children and elders, who will bring positivity and nostalgia into your life. Handle relationships with diplomacy, as some connections may be coming to an end. Resolve conflicts amicably and let go of what no longer serves you. Revisit neglected assets and forgotten resources to find abundance. Approach sensitive topics with logic and rationality, paving the way for productive conversations about power dynamics, intimacy, and finances. Embrace the real world with renewed energy, balancing social engagements with self-care to avoid burnout. Remember, money flows smoothly, enabling you to enjoy quality time with loved ones and indulge in enjoyable experiences. Prioritize your well-being and nurture your relationships for a harmonious and fulfilling month ahead.

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