career - February 19th - 25th

Pisces, get ready for a transformative period in your career as a boss or father figure seeks your support and assistance. This unexpected turn of events opens up new vistas and viewpoints through travel, offering you an opportunity for growth and success. However, be prepared for complications and potential delays during your journeys. This is a perfect time to invest in education and take care of your health, allowing you to feel confident and prepared for any challenges that come your way. Take time to research any concerns that have been weighing on you, as a solution may be closer than you think. Keep an eye out for unexpected compensation or a financial boon, such as an inheritance, which may be coming your way soon. Use this extra income wisely, either by making a sound investment or paying down debts. Your financial status will improve, allowing you to indulge in the pleasures of life and human connections. While you may have experienced the loss of a relationship, new connections are on the horizon. Embrace the company of loved ones and be open to new encounters, including romantic ones. Take some time to enjoy the well-deserved fruits of your labor, but remember not to neglect your professional duties.

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