love - June 5th - 11th

Pisces, you are currently riding the wave of confidence and it shows. Your magnetic personality attracts a fan-following – use this to your advantage to implement ideas you've been considering for a while. While your desire to explore new social groups is strong, don't forget about your significant other. Change things up with a romantic getaway, one that reignites both your passion and leaves you feeling refreshed. Be watchful of your prized possessions during this time, as risk of loss or theft is heightened. Your creative passions are currently in overdrive, be it in art, poetry, or theatre. Express yourself and let your true colours shine. Stay positive in your outlook and avoid being drawn into unnecessary conflicts. Take time to work through any issues that have been lingering in your mind. Relationships are important, so prioritise understanding others before judging. If you feel like you need some time alone, take it. Remember, cultivating a love within yourself will ultimately lead to finding it elsewhere.

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