career - September 26th - October 2nd

Enemies and competition weigh you down at present. You may be feeling unheard or underappreciated. The best antidote for this is to continue working hard and stick to your daily routine, which serves you well. Recognition for your efforts is just around the bend. In the meantime, remain devoted to all those depend on you--subordinates, pets, children. Find solace in the company of friends and family. Avoid risky decision making now or indulging in vices.

You may be feeling weighed down now, unable to achieve your usual level of productivity. Something serious on your mind may be controlling your everyday actions. Listen to some good advice. It may be the answer you're looking for. Loss may be inevitable so work to prepare for it. While you can't seize every opportunity that comes your way, doing nothing would be an error. Exhaustion may be an issue now so pick your battles with care. It's time to prioritize your relationships. Iron out snags and remove delays in all aspect of life, professional and personal. Get ready to face and competitor and come out on top.

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