September 19th - 25th

You find yourself called into many meetings this week. Business deals require your input and deliberation. Health issues are on your mind so make appointments as needed or engage in some research. A recent setback, perhaps a monetary one, is causing you some stress. Avoid vices and instead try meaningful self care, exploring options such as meditation or even travel to gain a new perspective and enjoy a change of scenery.

You may be prejudiced and make misjudgments about those near and dear to you. Therefore, it is necessary that you closely inspect and give them a second chance to come to the final conclusion. Not everything what you see is reality; there might be more to the story that what is displayed at the scene. Your outlook and effort toward a relationship might just reward you in unexpected manner and strengthen your relationship with other more than its current state. This might even be a deciding factor for something major in your love life.

Addressing small yet crucial matters may help solve problems that may take root if they are neglected too much. Hence, it is time for action because you stand to lose so much if your issues are not prevented to raise barrier in your relationship, both materially and emotionally.

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