career - May 16th - 22nd

Repairs or necessary purchases take precedence this week. Assist your family or your partner's family as they deal with some home or real estate complications. You may be feeling a monetary crunch as you are awaiting on compensation or delayed payments. Work to promote some professional ideas that have been on your mind via short presentations or effective communication. Reach out via whatever means available and be an attentive listener as well. It may be time to brush up on some skills that would give you a competitive edge in the workplace.

Take advantage of this period of heightened concentration. Solitude may be required for you to work through your thoughts. Confide in a loved one about the matters that are on your mind. Open up with friends and relieve some stress by voicing your worries. Try to relieve some of the pressures a relative is going through, as you are well acquainted with their stressors. What you give now is what you get later so offer help freely. You may be busy but you will feel fulfilled.

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