January 10th - 16th

Enjoy quality time with family, sharing a meal or enjoy a play or concert together. Address domestic concerns, perhaps involving a father figure, as they arise. Travel plans may not go as planned. Share creative insights readily now in social groups or clubs. Others are drawn to your personality, making this an opportune time for networking. Connect with friends, old and new. If you branch out in a new diretion, you may find you have more support than you ever imagined. Be cautious with money now, working to strike a balance in your spending and earning. Be wary of lending out your possessions.

Creative endeavors could prosper now, especially those that draw on your emotions. Solitude may be needed to help you get your thoughts together. Take the space and time you need to be mentally productive. You feel newly drawn to silence or at least holding your tongue and not giving into small talk or gossip. Discretion is always wise but be careful not to isolate yourself from those closest to you. A positive outlook is always vital. A positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieve the impossible.

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