October 18th - 24th

You are looking for spiritual answers now, ready to embark on a quest to make a discovery. A father, teacher or mentor may accompany you on this journey. Be ready for whatever may come your way, including potential challenges and delays. Use some funds from an unexpected windfall to invest in your education and professional goals. Be careful about your health now, paying special attention to your diet. Avoid vices and remain forward looking. Some new career opportunities await you down the line.

You are focused on emotional interactions now. Passion, sex and intimacy are on your mind and in your heart. Personal relationship take center stage. You may be leaving friends or loved ones behind but a recent windfall of cash will make some new fun possible. You want to enjoy life to the fullest. Entertaining and bonding, with friends or in romantic interludes, will require some money but will satisfy your itch. Be around those who understand you and make you feel truly alive.

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