career - September 13th - 19th

Your work has been under close scrutiny of late. This week you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Others, including authority figures and close companions, have noticed your leadership qualities. You may be offered a promotion or rise in rank now. Savor the praise offered to you but don't lose sight of your goals. A new opportunity from a large corporation could be headed your way. Make all decisions with care and talk things over with your partner. Review contracts and make purchases with care in order to avoid decisions you could come to regret.

You're ready to take the world by storm. You are asking more of yourself and the world at large in this phase. It may be a challenge keeping up with all the demands in front of you. A change of role or sudden endings is a real possibility this week. Large scale operations, such as raising capital or meeting agents and lawyers will take prominence. Though this is a very business oriented time for you, take care to address any worries at home. Stress at home can impact your performance at work. Establish priorities to avoid fatigue.

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