career - June 7th - 13th

A journey may be required, perhaps to tie up some legal affairs. You may find yourself accompanied by a boss or authority figure on this trip so make the most of the chance to express your ideas. A construction or real estate problem could cause delays in your work week. Be flexible, both at home or on the road. Do your research before making any purchase of real estate or vehicle. A major career transformation is a possibility in this phase as long as you remain attentive and open minded.

A large focus will be on home and family. Put in the effort and energy as family harmony is always the right investment. Your career may also require attention as money decisions impact your loved ones as well as you. Your family roots and heritage may beckon to you now. Delve in and explore them. Pay attention to financial matters as you may soon need to make large scale decisions. A splurge to please your relatives may be in the cards. Remember that family comes first.

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