love - Horoscope 2022

Welcome to the year 2022 Libra! This year, you will have different experiences in your love life according to the movements of the planets in your horoscope. Are you ready? All that you have experienced in the previous year has prepared you for where you are now, so take note of these predictions and you will have an amazing year.

You may have to do some work convincing yourself of the new horizons ahead. There are subordinates who depend on you and those individuals should be the ones you pay attention to, ignoring a partner obsessed with jockeying for power.

Romance makes a good respite from work cares and concerns. Take time to explore a new romantic opportunity, perhaps pursuing someone you have had a crush on for a while, who has been right in front of you but you have not felt confident enough to make them take notice. The cure for feelings of loneliness is seeking out the company of those who make you feel heard and valued. Don’t take idle talk too seriously. Enjoy yourself. Believe in your own plans and dreams and you will convince those around you of their merit. You are hardworking and reliable, as others are bound to notice. Keep your gaze focused on what you want and you will be pleased with the results.

A relationship in your life is suddenly winding down. The end feels abrupt but if you are honest with yourself, you can look back and see the warning signs. Is it too late in the game to repair the connection? Maybe not. If you can be honest in conversation and be candid about your fears and hopes, the relationship may be able to be salvaged. The question is whether you can set boundaries that work for both of you. If you cannot repair things, don’t feel too badly about giving up. Walking away from this relationship leaves you open to meet someone new.

Don’t stay indoors and wallow in regret. Instead, get out and meet new people. Join a club or a recreational sports team. Let your intelligence show via enrollment in a political organization or a creative group where you can show off your artistic side. You have a lot to offer the world. Wait for the right person to experience that passion with. Be generous with people but don’t settle for less than what you want. New opportunities await in terms of affairs of the heart. Be open and honest about what you want.

You want what’s best for your lover, no matter the price. A monetary mistake from your past could come back to haunt you. Don’t let this error impact your future. Instead, deal with the aftermath of this choice and see it as a learning opportunity. Transiting South Node in your Solar 2nd house suggests you may be pushed to a circumstance to walk out of your house, family and lineage. Sparked temperamental divergence with elders in the family, sexual abuse from family members, disputes among elders over accumulated wealth, breach of trust, bullying etc. could trigger this separation.

In 2022, Make healthy choices that will contribute to your personal happiness and well-being. Avoid vices and excess spending. Also set boundaries and you’ll be alright. You may experience slight variations from the predictions above, but following these guidelines will give you a great year.

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