December 4th - 10th

Libra, a recent tremor in your financial standing may have shaken things up. Whether it be an inheritance or results of litigation, it's important to handle your newfound funds with caution. Avoid giving in to vices or making risky purchases, as this could jeopardize your stability. Now is also a favorable time for travel, which may lead you to a spiritual revelation or purpose. However, amidst your journey, remember to prioritize your health by scheduling appointments and researching any concerns on your mind. On the relationship front, rocky terrain may be present. If it seems irreparable, find solace in accepting change and being willing to let go. Though sorrow may linger, it is only temporary and can be alleviated through hard work and maintaining your individual sense of purpose. This period encourages stronger connections and communication with peers and colleagues, allowing you to acquire new skills and embark on self-improvement endeavors. A positive work atmosphere awaits, so don't allow worry or complications to weigh you down. Take control by organizing daily tasks and streamlining your efforts for efficiency. Your intelligence will be a valuable asset, empowering you to tackle even the toughest of challenges. By putting in a little extra effort and staying focused, you can navigate away from gossip and distractions, ensuring a smooth journey ahead.

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