September 18th - 24th

Libra, get ready to bask in the glow of appreciation and recognition this week. Your hard work and leadership skills are being acknowledged, as reflected in a recent work evaluation. The accolades bestowed upon you may even manifest as a raise or bonus, bringing a sense of fulfillment. However, don't let this success make you complacent. Others still rely on your dependability and support, so continue to work diligently. Take a moment to check in on the relationships in your life, ensuring that someone special is not being neglected. Good fortune surrounds you, allowing you to feel valued for your efforts. Your social circle will also play a significant role in enriching your mind, sparking fresh ideas and encouraging long-term planning. Keep an open mind as opportunities for travel and spiritual growth may arise. Professions involving teaching, publishing, or academia are particularly favored, and communication skills will be paramount. Embrace this spiritual awakening and nurture it, as it will guide your growth and set you apart in terms of both achievement and creativity.

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