love - May 22nd - 28th

As a Libra, you may experience an unexpected event in the form of an accident or a theft which could lead to a long-term investment or major purchase. However, it's crucial that you deliberate carefully and avoid being a victim of fraud. Your family or your partner's family may require your assistance with some health issues and this could lead to demands on your time. On the positive side, your elder sibling may introduce you to a new social scene and networking opportunities. Use your innate charm and intelligence to make connections with others who are ready to support you in fulfilling your goals. Confide any concerns or worries you may have to your partner who will be ready and willing to listen. At this point, you may need some space and quiet time to examine your private thoughts and emotions. Look inward to find the answers you seek but understand that acceptance is the only way to move forward. Avoid setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and instead focus on setting realistic goals to channel your passion in a productive way. Stay patient and your hard work will be rewarded soon enough.

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