March 13th - 19th

A recent inheritance or the results of litigation may have changed your financial standing. Invest new funds carefully and avoid vices or risky purchases. Travel is a possibility now and would allow you the opportunity to connect with a spiritual idea or mission. Attend to your health, making appointments as needed and conducting research on issues on your mind. A relationship in your life may be on rocky ground. If it cannot be repaired, make peace with change and be willing to walk away. Any sorrow you feel is temporary and can be ameliorated by hard work and retaining your individual sense of purpose.

This is an excellent time to sort out the nitty gritty details of your daily existence. You are inclined to make to-do lists, pay bills and sort out clutters. Health matters are on your mind. Researching health issues or scheduling check-ups takes priority now. Commitment to hard work, perhaps to cultivating basic skills, is a mainstay on you now. Avoid over stressing or overextending in any manner or form.

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