career - August 8th - 14th

Repairs and renovations dominate your week. These construction decisions may need to be made at home or at the office. Plans could potentially be delayed or at least complicated but with diligence and smart decision making things will work out well. Your company at family events and social gathering is prized in this phase. Your charisma is palatable and others are ready to listen to your ideas. Draw confidence from the many supporters around you and try out some new plan that's been on your mind. This is a time of good fortune for you.

Your creative energies are running high this week. Projects that draw on your passion will yield success. You are ready to share your innermost feelings through writing or art. Some mediative time and space might be required to sort through your own emotions and truly reflect. The most engaging conversations you will have right now are with yourself. Keep confidential information to yourself and consider moving on from relationships with those that cannot be trust with a secret. You can't solve everyone's problems so don't even try. Avoid rash decisions. You can see the invisible, feel the intangible and achieve the impossible this week.

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