career - August 1st - 7th

It is time to make a long term decision or commitment, perhaps to the relationship you are currently in. Talk in depth before signing any contracts or paperwork. A new environment and fresh surroundings would be uplifting now. Get out of your usual space and meet some new people. Others are ready to give your ideas a try and support your new ventures. This is a phase of good fortune for you, in which your charisma assists you in networking and making dreams a reality.

The past is on your mind this week. You feel consumed with private matters. Let go and much forward as speedily as you can. Words may be a struggle now. They come to you slowly and you feel some anxious about speaking out of turn. Make the most of whatever environment you find yourself in. You are now more interested in what goes on behind the scenes, away from public view. Some things, or even people, have outlived their usefulness to you. Don't get mired down in guilt or let the past determine your future. Be sensible in setting goals, face limitations and conserve energy for the most worthy projects. Whatever it is that is causing you stress, remember that this too shall pass.

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