July 4th - 10th

Face domestic problems head on now. A father or father figure may need your assistance. Make happiness at home a priority and enjoy simple pleasures with family. Make needed repairs or proceed with a practical purchase such as real estate or a new vehicle. Your adroit leadership skills serve you well now. On the job, your talents are noted and admired. Enjoy the power in reputation and status. Put any new earnings from a bonus or promotion to a practical use. Take a break and spend some time outdoors. It would be an ideal setting to really examine what's in your heart and mind now.

Your business and career rules your thoughts. You may be required to communicate now more than usual. You are authoritative and speak with mastery and repose. Stand behind your words. Others may seek out your opinion and advice. This is a fruitful time for new plans. Your personal stand in your profession matters to you a great deal now. Use this period to your benefit. Don't lose time in pointless worry. The stars seem to be shining brightly on you now, ready to illuminate your talents.

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