May 9th - 15th

A recent setback may have encouraged you to engage in self destructive behaviors. Now is the right now to make a change. Find time to be alone and to examine the options ahead of you. Tend to your health, both emotional and physical. Do some research to determine what comes next. Look to the advice of relatives or spiritual mentors. Quiet meditation woulld serve you well. Some travel may be needed to engage in a mission that gives your life purpose. Invest money, especially a recent inheritance, wisely to avoid being the victim of fraud.

You now tend to become philosophical over trivial matters which represent the answers to your life but least understood by others. You may have difficulty taking advice from others and usually against, all that binds, and in your racing to and fro you cover much more ground than you can personally use. As a result you now become a great giver of information to others, while yourself sorting through all confusions.

Not content to focus on mundane, practical affairs just now, your mind turns to bigger visions, thoughts, and ideals. You are open to expanding your knowledge base during this week and communications from or with someone far away may be part of the picture. You are putting everything into perspective now, rather than compartmentalizing. Instead of simply shooting the breeze, you are more inclined to discuss broader philosophies now.

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