September 13th - 19th

A short journey to catch up with a relative in need may be in order. You may find yourself spending some time in an institutional setting to see about your own health or a loved ones. Make safe and responsible monetary choices now. A home repair or replacement may be unavoidable. Channel anxities into writing, expressing yourself freely and without self censorship. The arts and spiritual ideas bring you consolation now as you experience some potential loneliness. Look to an elder or mentor for guidance. Meditate to get in touch with your authentic self.

You feel ready to totally critique yourself, to pick apart your personality, your physique, your health and the image you want to project. You are ready to truly face yourself in the mirror and try and make contact with your innermost self.You also take a close objective look at your relationship, including your marriage and closest bonds. Examine your earnings right now but avoid any risky career moves or investments. Try to stay calm and work to achieve a balance between home and professional duties.

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