June 7th - 13th

Travel is a possibility this week. It would be an ideal way to connect with new spiritual insights or career opportunities. A teacher or mentor may need or offer assistance now. In monetary matters, try and strike a balance between spending and earnings. Be careful with belongings in order to avoid loss or theft. Speak up and give voice to some idea that is on your mind. Enrolling in higher education would put you at a career advantage now. While doing all this looking forward, make sure you also check in at home and attend fully to domestic matters.

This is time to start afresh with life and rediscover you self. Now you are starting a new path in your life which will lead to you a fresh set of opportunities to experience new events. This is a favorable situation for you to go back to your roots and reflect on the things that life has taught you so far and skills you have gained from the said experiences. If you and your partner have trouble expressing their emotions, then take this time to open up and take chances at communicating. You will feel like you are forgetting something or missing something.

Apply yourself more in social circles and take notice of every little thing every once in a while. Unexpected outcomes may come with a lot of inspiration and new ideas with more socialization, even if it with just friends. Your mind is ready to take on this new journey, let your body too as well; a chance at a pilgrimage may even come your way. All and all a very important week reclaim the passion for life. “Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don't let anyone limit your dreams.”

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