career - February 2024

Libra, your celestial focus shifts to those who orbit your everyday universe. The work balance is reaching its tipping point, prompting you to reassess the importance of your significant other, children, or parents. They are, after all, your anchors to reality, and it's imperative they share equally–if not more–of your time and energy than your co-workers, superiors, or subordinates. To truly serve their best interests, you must also excel in your professional arena. Prepare to sharpen your wits and maintain attentiveness throughout this challenging month. Unearth your people skills buried deep within your star dust and use them to bolster your relationships. In this season, your need to effectively communicate amplifies– make it your mission to master seamless interaction. Beware of the possibility of an imminent threat challenging your position, for even the shadow planets hint at an approaching storm. Stay vigilant and navigate through the potential negativity that currently orbits your professional life. Despite the cosmic turbulence, remember the sanctuary carved out in the hearts of your loved ones. Their unwavering support will be your balm in testing times, their happiness inextricably linked to your contentment. During these demanding phases, allow their redemptive love to soothe your celestial storm. It's time to shift your dialogue from "I" to "us", your constellation of needs realigned with those of others. Particularly, if your work involves direct client interaction, expect your schedule to be extra bustling. Remember, balance is the key; the scales of justice are your zodiac insignia for a reason.

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