career - September 2023

Libra, compared to other months of the year, this month will have you feeling playful and inspired. It's the perfect time to finally tackle that creative project you've been putting off, waiting for just the right moment. While this free-spirited feeling may come naturally to some, others may feel a bit out of step. After a period of being very conservative, you might surprise yourself with this newfound spontaneity and willingness to take risks. If you've been considering asking for a raise or inviting a colleague to a dinner or event, now is the time to prepare yourself and make your request. The universe is offering you access to a variety of different experiences and opportunities. People, places, and things that truly interest you are all within reach. During this time, it's important not to ignore any strong feelings you have, but also remember not to let the feeling of being on top of the world make you believe you're above the world itself. It's easy to become overconfident, and this has led to the downfall of many good people. Even as you revel in high spirits, understand that you are not immune to such pitfalls. It's crucial to avoid any high-risk behaviors or temptations that may arise during this time, regardless of how invincible you may feel. Pleasures can be found close to home, and you can still have a fantastic time with responsible people you already know. So embrace the playful energy and enjoy this inspired month, Libra.

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