Saturday, August 6th

You are in a creative mood today - full of fresh ideas. Share them with others, in groups and clubs you frequent. Your insights will fall on receptive ears. Handle a breakup with grace and diplomacy. Trust your gut in a decision before you. Connecting with loved ones and accomplishing workplace goals are your focus of the day. You want to spend money, as well as time, on loved ones today but don't overdo it. Prudence now will help you avoid financial strain later. As it is famously said, when restraint and courtesy are added to strength, the latter becomes irresistible.

This is a favorable day for scheduling dates and for love in general. You are somewhat vulnerable, and may get slipped in critical moments. This can indicate happy social events, and is fortunate for beauty treatments, pleasurable outings, music, the arts, and holidays or gatherings. It's good for money as well, but you might spend it as quickly as you earn it!

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