Horoscope 2021

New opportunities are coming your way in 2021, especially in the line of business. Don't get too excited and sign just any document before talking with your partner about it because any decisions you take now will affect you and your family for a long time. This year you need to put your family into consideration, be of assistance to them in whatever capacity you can and take responsibility. Speaking of responsibilities, you should take responsibility for your habits that may be stalling your progress - if you are unattached, that may include refusal to commit to a relationship, but if you've got a partner, then good for you, spend some passionate time alone with them before family conflict takes all your time.

But don't stay in this getaway for too long because you will locate a new source of income or an independent side business you have often envisioned starting if you get out and meet new people. This will also help if your love life has hit the rocks. And if meeting people doesn't do it for you, an outlet for your creativity will be deeply satisfying; Take an art class, pick up a musical instrument, or try your hand at writing poetry.

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