September 25th - October 1st

Leo, the month ahead brings both challenges and opportunities, urging you to be cautious during travel to avoid mishaps or injury. Additionally, workplace competition may trigger concerns about your reputation. However, the key is to trust in your efforts and continue working with dedication. You may soon witness a career transformation, but in the meantime, seek guidance from a wise mentor who can share their wisdom. Allow your mind to explore new spiritual ideas and consider pursuing higher education as it may open compelling possibilities for you. Embrace good fortune that awaits you and dive into a plan that excites you. Your temperament holds great importance now as you navigate decisions regarding yourself, work, and family. Stay calm, stand firm, and trust your instincts, for they will guide you well. At times, it may seem like everything effortlessly falls into place. Remember that your achievements not only impact your career but also your personal relationships. Those in the media industry have a promising period ahead, and the opportunity to travel may arise. Consider your influence, as your ability to dream will determine the extent of your accomplishments.

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