September 18th - 24th

Leo, it seems a short journey to support a relative in need is calling your name. Take the time to visit them and show your love and support. Additionally, you may find yourself spending some time in an institutional setting, whether it's for your own health or that of a loved one. Ensure you make safe and responsible monetary choices at this time, as unexpected expenses may arise, such as a necessary home repair or replacement. If you're feeling anxious, channel those emotions into writing and express yourself freely without self-censorship. Finding solace in the arts and exploring spiritual ideas will help alleviate any potential feelings of loneliness. Look to an elder or mentor for guidance as you navigate through this period. Take moments to meditate and connect with your authentic self, as understanding your past will provide valuable insights into your present journey. Remember, life can only be understood in retrospect, so focus on your own private matters and explore your personal history for the answers you seek. Let go of any guilt and use research, meditation, and contemplation to uncover attainable goals. Be honest about your limitations, as they're only temporary obstacles that will pave the way for future success.

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