career - June 5th - 11th

Dear Leo, get ready as the stars predict a possible long-distance travel for business purposes in this phase. This could be a significant turning point as a new initiative may transform your career positively. Stay open to ideas from your bosses or superiors and find the right moment to give your own insights. It may also be time to expand your knowledge and skills by enrolling in a higher education course or researching a legal matter. Exercise financial caution, since you may be waiting for compensation for your work. Check your cash flow and secure your holdings; also, new, successful money-making ideas may come to mind soon. This is the right moment to present a proposal to your company, telling them how you can contribute. Stay grounded and practical while determining your wants and needs, and communicate with others clearly and professionally to achieve your goals. Don't neglect your health, have a positive attitude, and remain focused. Stick to your strengths, and success will follow. Best of luck!

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