November 28th - December 4th

Some professional upheaval may be complicating your plans at present. Travel may be postponed or need to be cancelled. Trust in your intuition as you prepare to make some big decision. Diplomacy is important in conversation, especially when dealing with a relationship that may be troubled. Make time for recreation, going to a sports event or sharing a meal with someone special. You are deeply in tune with your spiritual center right now. This will guide you through some risks you may have to take at the present moment.

You are ready to be led in a new directions. Pour your efforts into some new endeavor. Legal issues or other conflicts may arise so be sure to engage all matters with tactful awareness. Romance and entertainment are a mainstay now. Your clevel handling of a situation could defuse some tense or explosive situations. You're working hard, at the office and at home, to manage everything before you. Relationships and finances add to your comfort level. Work on pleasing those who mean the most to you. They will back you in a critical moment and their connection to you will bring you happiness.

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